Appliance Industry Electronic Control Solutions

Quality, reliability, and innovation. All of them. All the time. Never sacrificing one for the other. That’s the basis of how we deliver advanced electronic controls for you to have competitive advantage.

Our experience in the white goods industry electronic control solutions covers every facet of a constantly changing industry. Consumers look for extended feature sets, intuitive energy-saving controls, improved convenience and integrated operation across product lines. Manufacturers who enhance control features while keeping costs low gain market share. Those who don’t fall behind the technology curve.

Appliance Industry Capabilities

We have the expertise to create appliance controls that are smart and IoT ready. We have produced the electronics for a wide range of appliance-based products. We provide electronics for areas such as:


  • Refrigerator controls
  • Lighting control
  • Variety of touch and voice capable products


  • Touchless Toilet flush controls
  • Vent fan control
  • Home automation products


  • Thermostat and HVAC Controls
  • Central and remote control
  • Data collection and usage
  • Home automation connections


  • Smart LED Lighting
  • Light-piping and variable intensity
  • Home automation connections

Consumer Home Comfort Device

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